Love these kids!

All White
"Tell me why…"
-Traditional African American introduction to gossip (via blackproverbs)


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technothal said:  Hello what is the name of the music on your blog?

Which ones specifically? The names & the artists are listed in the music box thingy :)

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→ First Home visit!


Hey guys! Long time no see! We have sooooo much to ketch up on, but I’ve been at the academy for almost a week (6 days & Ethiopia a total of 26 days) and I had my very first home visit today!

Debre Zeyit is TOTALLY different from Addis! Its a lot more chill, and a lot less people! I haven’t gone…

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Made It to Ethiopia!


Heyyy Guys! Long time no see! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I made to…..


Yes after 14 hours, and over 7k miles! I made it & made it safely! I have actually been here for about a week….And I LOVE IT!!


I got to volunteer at “The Ford School” for only a couple hours, but it was pretty awesome (can you find me in the picture above?)! I was a nervous at first, but the children seem to  really enjoy me & kept asking about my background. It kinda funny that “African American” is a foreign concept for them. After going through a few periods of 5th & 6th graders, we had free time and I got to see most the kids pre-K through 8th grade.


This is Anna, I was sitting on the stairs and she just came up to me and laid her head on my shoulder. Lol my heart melted! I’ll be posting a couple cute videos in a separate post!

Also, I was fortunate enough to tour both the beautiful African Union & The US embassy! The AU was soooo beautiful and BIG!



*I have sooo much more to say, and I’ll be posting later, but Its pretty late (we are 7hrs ahead) and I have church in the morning! *Cues Praise break*

BUT if you want to keep in contact with me, download this app called “Viber”.


This app is available on both iOS (Phones & Macs) and Andriod systems. Its completely free if you have wifi, but you’re able to text and/or call me! Although Im not sure how frequent my wifi availability will be, you can still write me on FB or twitter! I also update my instagram pretty frequently (@NapturalGirl).

Thanks!!! I’ll be posting more shortly, God willing! I love y’all!

Ps I’m still accepting donations at .


Ethiopia :)

I could eat this everyday 😩 🙏🙌 #ethiopianFood #Ethiopia #food


Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

in Addis Ababa - ETHIOPIA